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bruised andbeautiful

i got my wisdom teeth pulled friday so my cheecks are way swollen are really bruised because of this i have been in a great deal of pain and have not taken the time to get ready at fact i haven't showered for a couple day either... to add to all of this my boyfriend was outa i was feeling preety down..however he came back monday and came over to visit me. just being around him made me feel so much better. i don't know how he does it but just the way he looks at me makes me feel so beautiful.. he is amazing..
we do this thing were we tell each other that when we wake up and look in the mirror that we should tell ourselves that we are "beautiful" or "hott" i hadn't been doing it but i started again and it helps so much. i recomend all of you to try it. even if you don't completely believe yourself it still helps a lot
good luck you are all beautiful!
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